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Make an Appointment - WebEx

Make an appointment in 3 steps. Step 1: Select a staff member. Step 2: Select an available date. Step 3: Select an available timeslot.

How Appointments Work:

  • Appointments are reserved for library research only
  • Appointments may be cancelled for any reason
  • All appointments are scheduled in the Central Time Zone
  • All appointments are 25 minutes long
  • All appointments are conducted in Webex

Need Help With APA or Writing?

  • Librarians DO NOT assist with APA, Citations, or Writing!
  • First, refer to the Publication Manual of the APA
  • Second, contact the Student Writing Center for help
  • Third, reach out to your professor for definitive answers
  • Fourth, if you are an on-campus student, contact the CAS
If you need help with your Chamberlain Email account, please visit the Student Email help page in the Student Resource Center!